Happy 🥂 2020 New Year!

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Dear Friends,

A heartfelt Thank You for helping to make 2019 another unbelievable year. As usual, the year flew by and left me wondering how New Year’s Day is right in front of us. Here are a few highlights:

The paperback of Don’t Believe It hit shelves in March, just in time for me (and more importantly, my kids) to see the book on airport shelves as we headed off to Turks and Caicos for Spring Break. It never gets old seeing my books next to John Grisham’s.

June saw the hardcover launch of my latest thriller SOME CHOOSE DARKNESS, and I was blown away by everyone who showed up to the launch party—from dear friends to old friends, to perfect strangers—it was a blast.

I spent the rest of the year writing my 2020 thriller and running into many roadblocks along the way. I stopped and started a few times, and even went back to the beginning after writing 200 pages to rip out the parts that weren’t working. I have my First Readers—Amy and Mary— to...thank? for pointing out how terrible the story was.

I finally found my groove, and the real story I wanted to write, sometime in August.

I dashed to the finish line three months later, and actually wrapped up my edits on Thanksgiving morning after my editor overnighted his editorial suggestions to me while I was vacationing on Sanibel Island in Florida. Sanibel was a great place to finish the book, because the island plays an important role in the story.

I sent the manuscript back to New York, looked up to take a deep breath, and realized Christmas was here—with one less week to prepare than usual.

And...here we are today, staring at New Year’s.

Coming Up:

The trade paperback (with a crazy-good cover) will be released on News Year’s Eve—12.31.19. The mass-market paperback will hit shelves in June.



in Paperback


Chicago, IL

Summer of 1979

(A Rory Moore/Lane Phillips Novel)

Five missing women

A serial killer—The Thief

Forty years later a cold case

comes to life once more.

Pre-ORder Now

My 2020 thriller is titled


and will be released 07.28.20

Peppermill, IN Summer of 2019

Nestled on the banks of Lake Michigan

Elite Westmont Prep Boarding School

A chilling murder is at the heart of this riveting new novel from acclaimed

author Charlie Donlea, featuring forensic reconstructionist Rory Moore

and her psychologist partner, Lane Phillips.

Coming 07.28.20

Pre-Order Now

Podcast | Cover Reveal

When two students are horrifically murdered just outside the grounds of their exclusive prep school, Rory sets out to solve the case and tracks her efforts by recording a podcast (which you can listen to here or below).

See the stunning cover and read on for an exclusive excerpt.BookPage


So that’s it for me!

I hope your new year is filled with health and happiness. And I hope you find time to take a break from the stresses of life to find a great show to binge, a movie to watch, a podcast to listen to, and, of course, a great book to curl up on the couch with—one that grabs you and won’t let go.

Below are a few that I found entertaining this year.

Thanks again for reading my books. I’m forever grateful.

Wishing you a Happy & Healthy New Year!

—Charlie Donlea

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I read about twenty books this year. A couple of my favorites were:

  • Hellbent by Greg Hurwitz. Greg’s Orphan X series is one of my favorites. Think Jason Bourne meets Gabriel Allon.

  • The Body by Stephen King Even better than the outstanding movie adaptation (Stand by Me)

  • The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides A great psychological thriller from a debut author

  • Little Comfort by Edwin Hill Another impressive debut featuring Hester Thursby as a new series character.

  • Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen Every Hiaasen book is hysterical and entertaining.

  • Final Girls by Riley Sager. "If you like my stuff, you'll like Riley's books."

I can’t wait to read John Grisham’s new book The Guardians. Hoping to find it under the tree 🎄 Christmas morning.


  • Mindhunter: Blew me away. It was recommended by a friend who said some of the themes were similar to my novels – Forensics and profiling. I binge-watched the first two seasons in a matter of days.

  • Flaked: A quirky Will Arnett show that I connected with. Really, loved it.

  • Back: A comedy from the UK that had me in stitches

  • Jack Ryan (Season 2): You’ll never think of John Krasinski as Jim from The Office again after watching this series.

  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Season 3): Currently watching


  • Man in the Window – a chronicling of the Golden State Killer

  • Up and Vanished – a true-crime podcast about the unsolved murder of a school teacher in Georgia. Amazingly, the podcast and its host actually helped solve the crime.


  • Trying really hard to watch The Avengers movies, as they are my son’s favorites and he tells me they are the Star Wars of his generation. Argument made, argument heard. Bring on Iron Man.

  • The Irishman

  • El Camino: The sequel to Breaking Bad

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