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Are you reading #SomeChooseDarkness by @CharlieDonlea?

So is our #BetweenTheChapters book club! Come join us all month long as we discuss this thrilling read:

About Some Choose Darkness

A modern master of suspense, critically acclaimed author Charlie Donlea returns with a taut, gripping novel about the deadly secrets hiding in plain sight . . .

The truth is easy to miss, even when it’s right in front of us. As a forensic reconstructionist, Rory Moore sheds light on cold-case homicides by piecing together crime scene details others fail to see. Cleaning out her late father’s law office a week after his burial, she receives a call that plunges her into a decades-old case come to life once more.

In the summer of 1979, five Chicago women went missing. The predator, nicknamed The Thief, left no bodies and no clues behind—until police received a package from a mysterious woman named Angela Mitchell, whose unorthodox investigation skills appear to have led to his identity. But before they could question her, Angela disappeared. Forty years later, The Thief is about to be paroled for Angela’s murder—the only crime the DA could pin on him. But the cryptic file Rory finds in her father’s law office suggests there is more to the case, and Angela Mitchell, than what was fed to the public, the details of which have been buried for four decades.

Rory’s talents are tested as she begins reconstructing Angela’s last days. Making one startling discovery after another, Rory becomes helplessly entangled in the enigma of Angela Mitchell and what happened to her. Drawing connections between the past and present, Rory uncovers dark truths about the reclusive victim, her father, and the man called The Thief that send her down a twisting trail where things may not be as they appear. As she continues to dig, even Rory can’t be prepared for the full, terrifying truth that is emerging . . . Buy the Book. Learn More


"In Donlea's skillful hands, this story of obsession, murder, and the search for truth is both a compassionate character study and a compelling thriller."

―Kirkus Reviews

“Donlea's cinematic style puts readers clearly into the scenes, and his skillful prose takes his work to a higher level.”

―New York Journal of Books

“Part 1970s serial-killer thriller and part contemporary Chicago crime novel, this deceptively quick read has something for everyone.”


“Donlea smoothly mixes red herrings and genuine clues...readers who relish a good puzzle will be rewarded.”

―Publishers Weekly

About Between the Chapters Book Club

Welcome to the Between the Chapters book club! We are a virtual community of booklovers with the aim of sharing our favorite books. This book club will feature books for every reader. Our four admins will lead read-a-longs and discussions for their book pick of the month. From exclusive sweepstakes to pop-up author Q&As, we promise there’s something for everyone!

Each month the four admins from Kensington Reader will share the book they’re chatting about. You can follow along with each admin via their admin tag OR follow the specific book tag for the book you’ll be reading. The tags can be found under the “Popular Topics In Posts” section in the upper-right side of this page.

As booklovers, we are eager to share the books we love AND learn about the books you love! We also hope to introduce you to your new favorite author(s). This is a community for lively discussions where you are welcome to lead the charge. Admins will post from time to time, but at the end of the day this is a group for readers run by readers. Be sure you are mindful of others, and always mark your SPOILERS to give readers a chance to enjoy the stories at their own paces.

Keep your eye on the announcements section, as we will routinely update with posts about LIVE author chats, sweepstakes, and more!

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