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Writing Fun Podcast with Charlie Donlea: The Girl Who Was Taken

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Thank you, everyone, for listening to the Writing Fun Podcast, if you want to see the video format of this interview, please head over to YouTube and subscribe to the Writing Fun YouTube Channel. Please do not forget to follow me on Social Media. WF 044 : #TheGirlWhoWasTaken with Charlie Donlea.


“A fast-moving page-turner. . . .

Donlea skillfully maximizes suspense by juggling narrators and time all the way to the shocking final twists.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Donlea’s sophomore effort is solid. He keeps the reader guessing and second-guessing until the end, thanks to an expertly crafted abundance of potential suspects.”

—Library Journal

“Well worth the read.”


Charlie Donlea is the International bestselling author of three acclaimed thrillers. He has been praised by Publishers Weekly as a “bold new writer…on his way to becoming a major figure in the world of suspense.” He lives in Chicago with his wife and two young children and spends a part of each year fishing with his father in the far reaches of Canada, where the roads end and lakes are accessible only by floatplane. These majestic trips to “God’s Country” inspired the setting for his debut novel, Summit Lake.

With so many choices of entertainment and countless other books to choose from, he thanks you for spending your time and treasure on his novels. Photo Credit: Carrianne Photography

Thank you,

Michelle Dunton

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