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Discover Charlie Donlea's touching novel written under a pen name. A love story with a twist that, just like his thrillers, will have you ripping back through the pages to see how you missed it. 

before i go

For fans of Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom, and Richard Paul Evans, Brian Charles’ Before I Go is at once a tender love story, a provocative exploration of life after loss, and an uplifting interpretation of the numinous connections that tie all our lives together.

The Notebook meets The Shack in this poignant tale about how the people we love stay with us forever…in sometimes surprising ways.

ON SALE 09.27.22

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“If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks or Richard Paul Evans, this is a must read!"

–Ellen Marie Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author of The Orphan Collector

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ON SALE 09.27.22

Available in trade paperback & e-book



An exploration of life, death, and the world in between...

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A year after her husband’s plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean, Abby Gamble knows she needs to start moving beyond her grief. She and Ben shared a deep love, made even stronger by the heartache they went through together. But Ben would want her to keep living. So Abby throws herself once more into her cosmetics company—only to find herself at a crossroads when she meets Joel, a physician whose past is as scarred as hers. 


Joel has never forgiven himself for a fateful childhood decision that led to tragedy. That guilt has spurred him on to save other lives as a physician. When he meets Abby, they embark on a hesitant love affair and Joel begins to see a way forward, though Abby is holding back, struggling with the idea of finally leaving Ben behind. 


Yet Ben isn’t gone. Ever since his plane went down, he’s been trying to make his way back to Abby. That journey begins on an island thousands of miles away, as Ben discovers his journal among the wreckage debris that has washed up on shore—a series of letters that recounts Abby and Ben’s love story. Rereading his letters about the life they planned, and the joy and misfortune they encountered along the way, Ben knows what he must do. Somehow, he must set out to see Abby again—even if he doesn’t know what will be waiting for him in the extraordinary event that he makes it home...

In the spirit of The Notebook, Brian Charles’ Before I Go is at once a tender love story and a powerful, provocative exploration of life after loss, and the numinous links that tie all our lives together.

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