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All of my novels are standalone thrillers. However, astute readers will find little nuggets of the previous book sprinkled within the pages of each subsequent one.  Although The Suicide House is the second book in the Rory Moore/Lane Phillips series, I was careful to write each story so fans could read the books in any order.

If The Suicide House was your first adventure with the incomparable Rory Moore and you would like to read more about her, check out Some Choose Darkness.  It fills in some background on where her quirkiness comes from. It’s also a hell of a thrill ride. 

SCD HC 3D.png

If The Suicide House offered your first dose of Gus Morelli, the crafty and wise detective, check out Don’t Believe It to discover more about his history, his fight with life, his contempt for people his own age, and how he came to walk on a titanium prosthesis.  

DBI HC 3D.png

Then, if you read Don’t Believe It and find yourself intrigued by the forensic pathologist named Livia Cutty, check out her original story in The Girl Who Was Taken. 

The Girl Who Was Take 3D new.png
3d Summit Lake New (002).png

Readers will also notice that the town of Summit Lake appears in Don’t Believe It. If you’re curious about the history (and secrets) of that town, you can read the novel named after it. Summit Lake is my first novel and many readers’ favorite.  

Thanks for reading my books. I’m forever grateful.

—Charlie Donlea 

Author Charlie Donlea | Chicago
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