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6 New Page-Turning Reads for Your Honeymoon

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

Kick back and relax with one of these great books.

Ahhh, you did it. You said the vows.

You danced the night away.

You ate cake. You got married!

And now—lucky you—you're off on an incredible honeymoon where you can relax, unwind, throw away those never-ending to-do lists, and reconnect with your new spouse.

Though you might be, ahem, busy during your honeymoon, you'll probably have time to catch up on some page-turning reads. From long flights to lustful lounges by the beach, here are some books to consider packing for your summer honeymoon.


If You Like Historical Romance: The Most Dangerous Duke in London by Madeline Hunter

You probably feel a little out of the reading loop right now. After all, you've spent the last year planning a wedding! The latest historical romance series that you won't be able to put down is from New York Times bestselling author Madeline Hunter. With witty humor and inventive storytelling, you'll whip through the first one so fast, you'll need to Amazon Prime another one to your cabana.

If You Like Twisted Thrillers: You Will by Lisa Jackson

If you tend to reach for a twisty, intense thriller for your beach reads, then this is the book for you. From #1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Jackson, You Will will have you glued to the storyline. It all begins when a summer camp prank goes off the deep end, with one counselor dead and another one missing. But the mystery won't be resolved until 20 years later.

If You Love Inspiration Stories: White Hot Truth by Danielle LePorte

You left your wedding reception feeling inspired to start your marriage off happily. Keep those good vibes going with the latest book from Oprah SuperSoul 100 member Danielle LaPorte. Though it leans into the self-help section, it won't feel like your typical emotional guide book. Instead, you'll be provoked by the wisdom to remember all of the things you have to be thankful for, especially the beauty and uniqueness that only belongs to you!

If You Love Family Stories: Home for the Summer by Holly Chamberlin

Novels centered around family dynamics can be some of the most interesting, especially after you just went through a big milestone with your own family. Taking place in Maine, this story explores three generations of women in one family, as they ride the waves of bittersweet memories, bonds, and moving on, all while banding together.

If You Live for Suspense: The Girl Who Was Taken by Charlie Donlea

If you loved Girl on a Train or Gone Girl, you have another "girl" book to read on your honeymoon. From USA Today bestselling author Charlie Donlea, the story follows the journey of two girls who go missing after a high school party. While one returns, the other one remains missing. Is the girl who made it to safety telling the truth, or part of something darker? Just try not to “shhh’ your new spouse when he asks if you want another margarita while you're reading this page-turner.

If You Like Inspired-By-True-Stories: Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

Part of what motivates some readers is the ability to relate to the characters, making "real life" stories much more appealing than fiction reads. Consider picking up this historical novel, based on America's most notorious and lesser-known real-life adoption scandals. It explores family secrets, sibling relationships and much more, making it much more entertaining than scrolling through Facebook en route to your destination.

Aug 4, 2017 Lindsay Tigar Contributing editor Martha Stewart Weddings

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